HFIP Regional Modeling Team Workshop

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17 - 18 September 2012


NOAA Center for Climate and Weather Prediction (NCWCP)
5830 University Research Court
College Park, MD 20740


Improving Hurricane intensity forecast skill of dynamical regional models


Young Kwon (Young.Kwon@noaa.gov) Chair
Pam Johnson (johnsonp@ucar.edu) Logistics


Sept. 17 (Monday)

13:00–13:15 Welcome remarks: Robert Gall & William Lapenta

13:15–13:25 Young Kwon: Workshop introduction

13:25–13:40 Young Kwon: EMC's activity on physics development

13:40–14:00 Hua-lu Pan: New SAS convection scheme for high resolution models

14:00–14:15 Qingfu Liu: Results using the new SAS scheme in HWRF model

14:15-14:35 Dave Zelinsky: Estimating and Forecasting Tropical Cyclone Intensity
                   at the National Hurricane Center

14:35–14:55 Ligia Bernardet: HWRF testing at the DTC: quantification of
                    environmental biases and impact of cumulus parameterizations on
                    storm structure and intensity

14:55–15:10 Break

15:10–17:00 Discussion on moist physics and hurricane intensity
                    Chair: Hua-lu Pan; Co-Chair: Brad Ferrier

17:30           Reception (1st floor cafeteria)

Sept. 18 (Tuesday)

09:00–09:10 Opening of the second day

09:10–09:40 Joe Cione - A proposal to establish a dedicated Hurricane Model
                    Evaluation and Improvement Project
                    Eric Ulhorn: HWRF Surface Layer Evaluations

09:40–10:00 Isaac Ginis: Super-parameterization of roll vortices in the hurricane
                    boundary layer

10:00–10:20 James Doyle: Dynamical initialization of tropical cyclones and
                    predictability issues using COAMPS-TC

10:20–10:40 Mark DeMaria: Diagnostics for Evaluating Hurricane Model Forecast
                    Error Sources

10:40–11:00 Break

11:00–12:30 Discussion on role of air-sea interaction on hurricane intensity
                    Chair: Isaac Ginis; Co-Chair: JW Bao

12:30–13:30 Lunch

13:30–13:50 Jun Zhang: Evaluation and Improvement of HWRF PBL Physics using
                    Aircraft Observations

13:50–14:10 JW Bao & C. Fairall: Toward Generalization of Sub-Grid Turbulent
                    Mixing Parameterizations in TC Models Using Observations

14:10–14:40 Dave Nolan: Comparing Hurricane Structure in Research-Quality and
                    Forecast-Quality Simulations

14:40–15:00 Gopal: Shear related stratification

15:00–15:30 Break

15:30–17:30 Discussion and wrap-up:
                    Chair: Vijay Tallapragada and Co-Chair: Young Kwon

17:30           Adjourn

Summary and Action Items

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