HFIP Annual Review Meeting

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19 - 20 February 2014


NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction
University of Maryland M Square Research Park
College Park, Maryland

Overall Objective

We are in the process of creating a strategic plan for HFIP over the next 5 years. We have circulated a preliminary plan and we would like to use this meeting to agree on a final plan using the HFIP teams. I propose we focus the program for the meeting in seeking answers to:

1. What areas of focus/themes are most important for HFIP to meet its goals over the next 5 years? Is it initialization? Is it cloud physics? Is it boundary layer processes? New data sources? Ensembles?, ...?

2. We also need to establish priorities for the focus areas established in 1.

At the meeting we will use the strategic teams to help us establish the major themes and priorities for the rest of the HFIP Project. We will have initial discussion of results from last summer followed by a group discussion of the major areas for focus. Then we would like the teams to discuss those themes arrived at in the general discussion to help HFIP set out agenda to be expressed in the strategic plan and to set priorities of and within those focus areas. We scheduled enough time for the teams to reach some specific conclusions related to the two questions above. Consequently after a presentation of the preliminary plans and discussion the strategic teams will convene to discuss these questions and determine their team's recommendations for the theme areas relevant to the scope of their team. These recommendations will be presented in a round of team reports followed by a plenary session where we will set the priorities for the program for the next several years.


Robert Gall (robert.gall@noaa.gov) HFIP Development Manager
Fred Toepfer (frederick.toepher@noaa.gov) HFIP Program Manager
Frank Marks (frank.marks@noaa.gov) HFIP Science Manager
Sheema Lett (nysheema.lett@noaa.gov) HFIP Logistcs Coordinater


Wednesday, February 19

          Updates and Status

 1:00 PM     Welcome, State of the Program - Toepfer

 1:15 PM     Overview of HFIP FY13 activities and results - Gall

 1:30 PM     FY13 verification - Franklin

 1:50 PM     HWRF in FY13 - Tallapragada

 2:10 PM     High resolution global model/ensemble results from 2013 - Whittaker

 2:30 PM     Break

 3:00 PM     RDITT Report - Nance, Franklin, Talapragada

 3:30 PM     Discussion of RDITT report results - Marks lead

          Establishing HFIP Priorities for next 3-5 years

 4:00 PM     NHC/needs/priorities discussion - Pasch

 4:30 PM     EMC proposed evolution of HWRF for the next 5 years - Tallapragada

 5:00 PM     Discussion of current draft of Strategic Plan - Gall, Rappaport lead

 5:30 PM     Adjourn

Thursday, February 20

          HFIP Priorities for the next 3-5 years (continued)

 8:30 AM     Open Discussion to establish strategic Themes and priorities for HFIP -
                  Gall, Marks lead

 9:30 AM     Instructions for Team Break out groups, room assignments -
                  Rappaport, Gall lead

 9:45 AM     Strategic Team Break out groups meet to discuss Strategic Plan

10:15 AM     Break

10:45 AM     Strategic Team Break out groups meet to discuss Strategic Plan

12:00 PM     Lunch, plenary session working lunch - HFIP Program Managers Lead

 1:00 PM     Strategic Team Reports on break out discussions (15 min each) -
                  Marks lead

          - HFIP Model/Physics Strategy (Tallapragada, Benjamin, Kwon, Bao)
          - DA/Initialization and Ensemble Development (Derber, X.Wang,
             Whitaker, Peng)
          - Post Processing and Verification Development Team
             (DeMaria, Zelinsky, Marchok)

 2:30 PM     Break

 3:00 PM     Future Priorities for HFIP - Toepfer Lead

          Discuss and establish priorities for future HFIP development

 3:45 PM     Wrap-up and next steps - Gall lead

 4:00 PM     Adjourn


Hotel Accommodations will be provided by:

Greenbelt Marriott
6400 Ivy Lane
Greenbelt, MD 20770
Phone: 1-301-441-3700
Fax: 1-301-441-3995
Toll-free: 1-800-676-5975

- The conference planners have negotiated a rate of $159+Tax per night
- Full breakfast provided at a reduced rate of $12.00 per day
- Free parking
- Free shuttle service to and from the conference facility, as well as to and from the    Greenbelt metro
- Room must be reserved by January 29, 2014 6:00 pm ET to guarantee rate (HFIP    Annual Meeting group rate)
- Must be guaranteed with a major credit card, or a first night deposit
- Cancellation three days prior to arrival with no charges


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