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November 9-10, 2009


Florida International University and National Hurricane Center
Miami, FL


Discuss the recent accomplishments, status and plans for the HFIP program. Members of all the HFIP teams are invited and the meeting will involve presentations from each team with a focus on what was learned in the way of science by the teams over the past year. This will be a prelude to the more important task of us discussing and then preparing a work/execution plan to address each of the science areas to our best abilities. The plan will include a preliminary draft of the HFIP related activities of each organization with their milestones/deliverables and when over the next 1-3 years.

Agenda and Presentations

Monday, 9 November 2009

Florida International University, Graham Center, second floor, room 243

  8:00 am Welcome - Toepfer

  8:05 am Overview of Workshop - Marks

  8:10 am HFIP objectives/priorities/funding - Toepfer

  8:40 am 2009 results/ Preliminary HFIP FY10 program plan - Gall

  9:30 am Discussion of operational FY09 model performance - Franklin

10:30 am Begin Team Reports - Chairs: Marks, Gall

    Reports by team lead from each of the 11 teams (15 min each) that will include:

  • Recent accomplishments/what did we learn
  • Status of team goals
  • General Plans for next 1-3 years

  • These reports can be updated or refined versions of the reports of what has been presented during the weekly HFIP calls. These reports are to a broader audience but starting from the existing reports we can perhaps save some time.

10:30 am Global Modeling Development Team - Benjamin

10:45 am Regional Model Development Team - Bender

11:00 am Hurricane Data Assimilation Team - Lapenta

11:15 am Non-hydro Meso Model Physics Team - Kwon

11:30 am Global Model Physics Team - Brown

11:45 pm Verification Team - Marchok

  1:00 pm Model Diagnostics Team - DeMaria

  1:15 pm Post Processing /Applic. Develop. Team - Rappaport

  1:30 pm Ensemble Systems Development Team - Reynolds

  1:45 pm Hurricane Observations Team - Aberson, Shay

  2:00 pm Coupled Ocean/Wave model Team - Tolman

  2:15 pm HFIP major science accomplishments in 2009 - Marks

  3:30 pm Priority Science Issues - Marks, Gall lead

              Stream 1 - Surgi/Lapenta/Bender

              Stream 2 - Whitaker/Zhang

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Florida International University, Ryder Building, room 130

  8:00 am Continue priority science issues

  9:00 am NHC visitor program - Landsea

  9:15 am HFIP Milestones/Deliverables - Chairs: Rappaport, DeMaria

    Discussion of key issues to be addressed by HFIP in FY10. Who will do what?

11:00 am Continue Discussion on Milestones/Deliverables

Afternoon sessions at National Hurricane Center

  1:30 pm HFIP funding process - Toepfer

  2:30 pm Role of teams FY10-12 (do we need a new paradigm) -

              Chair: Gall, Marks

  3:30 pm Next Steps - Gall

Group Photo