NHC-display Tutorial Suggestions

  1. ✅Add a keyword "Enter" command for updating tracks (H)
  2. ✅Update TVCN members (H)
  3. Add a model consensus weight to use in the consensus calculation (L)
  4. ✅Create a intensity color palette that transformers relatively to the forecast age (from light red to strong red, for example) (MH)
  5. ✅Refresh page only after 5 min of inactivity (H)
  6. Create "Save/reload from history" or "Undo" for editing best track and fixes
  7. Add an option to refresh/load the data for a event from "Primary" to "Working" database. Only for internal use with the warning message (L)
  8. ✅View/Hide the legend or add the option to create the plot with or without a legend (L)
  9. ✅Save the plot image (H)
  10. ✅Reduce the precision of coordinates in the "Working" mode to 1 decimal point (H)
  11. ✅View fixes detailed form from the time series plots (H)
  12. ✅Increase the default size of the plot's window (relative the map size ) (H)
  13. ✅Add confirmation dialog before deleting fixes and best track points (H)
  14. ✅Add the distance measuring tool